Olympian Family Problems

That classical mythology has been rescued from the dusty halls of Academe is evident wherever you turn. From the Marvel and Disney franchises to the proliferation of video games featuring figures from the world’s folklore traditions, the ancient gods live on in the popular imagination. From comic books to graphic novels, from Pinterest to Instagram, artists are producing thousands of glossy images of Egyptian, Greek and Norse gods.

While the Greek gods are often featured in adventure films, their wildly dysfunctional family lives are generally ignored in the story lines. A closer look at the family tree of the Classical pantheon reveals a tangled web of too-close breeding, which in turn led to familial betrayal, matricide, patricide, uxoricide, parricide, and filicide.

It is against this backdrop of the Olympian tales of tragedy and comedy that the characters in “The Architect’s Key” must thread their way.

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