About Edward E. Evans

There is a certain timelessness about any land’s end, especially Point Loma, California, which juts into the sea at the extreme southwestern tip of the continental United States. As a child, the author remembers walking among the strange ruins located in a wooded area of the point. He didn’t know then that half a century earlier, a flamboyant woman named Madame Katherine Tingley had established a utopian community on the heights of the peninsula. The grounds boasted exotic temples crowned with domes of amethyst glass and, still standing today, Lomaland’s Greek amphitheater, the first such structure in the nation. This sparked imaginary stories in the author’s mind. What might have happened in this unearthly setting?
Both Tingley and the Russian founder of Theosophy, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, longed to revive ancient traditions and touch the miraculous. The Architect’s Key is an imaginary account of what might have happened if, in fact, any of these ladies were supernatural beings from another era.